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Investix - Business and Finance PSD Template

Investix – Business and Finance PSD Template

Using Consulting PSD, you can quickly create a modern website for any service providing business with real content.

Investix – Business and Finance PSD Template – The Perfect Corporate, Finance, Consulting & Business PSD Template

Based on in-depth research into the field of business, finance and consulting, we have developed this comprehensive consultant PSD to deliver everything you’re looking for from a website.

Investix – Business and Finance PSD Template is a premium corporate, finance, consulting and broker PSD, tailored to your needs and the expectations of your clients.

Use custom Pie Charts, Graphs, and Progress Bars to present and describe your services or case studies to potential customers.


  1. 01_home 1.psd
  2. 02_home 2
  3. 03_home 3.psd
  4. 04_home 4.psd
  5. 05_about our company.psd
  6. 06_left sidebar company history.psd
  7. 07_right sidebar company history.psd
  8. 08_left sidebar company overview.psd
  9. 09_right sidebar company overview.psd
  10. 10_left sidebar faq.psd
  11. 11_right sidebar faq.psd
  12. 12_left sidebar mission and strategic.psd
  13. 13_right sidebar mission and strategic.psd
  14. 14_left sidebar our partner.psd
  15. 15_right sidebar our partner.psd
  16. 16_left sidebar team list.psd
  17. 17_right sidebar left team list.psd
  18. 18_left sidebar team grid
  19. 19_right sidebar team grid
  20. 20_left sidebar team single.psd
  21. 21_right sidebar team single.psd
  22. 22_left sidebar service grid
  23. 23_right sidebar service grid
  24. 24_left sidebar financial service 1.psd
  25. 25_right sidebar financial service 1.psd
  26. 26_left sidebar service 2.jpg.psd
  27. 27_right sidebar service 2.psd
  28. 28_case filter.psd
  29. 29_case style 1.psd
  30. 30_case single.psd
  31. 31_blog grid.psd
  32. 32_left sidebar blog list.psd
  33. 33_right sidebar blog list.psd
  34. 34_blog single
  35. 35_shop left sidebar
  36. 36_shop right sidebar
  37. 37_left sidebar single shop.psd
  38. 38_right sidebar single shop.psd
  39. 39_cart detail.psd
  40. 40_cart empty.psd
  41. 41_404
  42. 42_coming soon
  43. 43_event left sidebar.psd
  44. 44_event right sidebar.psd
  45. 45_single event.psd
  46. 46_price.psd
  47. 47_testimonials
  48. 48_typography
  49. 49_contact 1.psd
  50. 50_contact 2.psd

Fonts and Typography:

  • Poppins is available for free download on Google fonts:
  • Rubik is available for free download on Google fonts:

Credits & Sources


  • – Google WebFonts
  • – Free Icons  
  • – Font Awesome

C) Sources and Credits


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