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Constructor - A Construction Building PSD Template

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Constructor is a professional corporate PSD template for construction, interior design, industrial design, engineering, architecture design, building renovation, renovate, factory or manufacturing companies, etc. Constructor helps you create an awesome looking & highly functional website with a strong impression of professional, trust and innovation just like your company.

This construction template is multipurpose for all industries so even if you are working in some other fields like landscaping, plumber, mechanic, electrician, firefighter, repairer, carpenter, painter, …, it would still help you create a powerful, beautiful and modern website for your business in just a few minutes.

The including files are listed below:

  1. 02_constructur-home.psd
  2. 03_constructur-home-2.psd
  3. 04_constructur-home-3.psd
  4. 05_constructur-about.psd
  5. 06_constructur-about-alt.psd
  6. 07_constructur-services.psd
  7. 08_constructur-services-alt.psd
  8. 09_constructur-project-2col.psd
  9. 10_constructur-project-3col.psd
  10. 11_constructur-project-masonary.psd
  11. 12_constructur-project-masonary-gap.psd
  12. 13_constructur-project-single.psd
  13. 14_constructur-project-single-alt.psd
  14. 15_constructur-blog-full.psd
  15. 16_constructur-blog-small.psd
  16. 17_constructur-blog-grid.psd
  17. 18_constructur-blog-single.psd
  18. 19_constructur-shop-home.psd
  19. 20_constructur-shop-details.psd
  20. 21_constructur-shop-cart.psd
  21. 22_constructur-shop-checkout.psd
  22. 23_constructur-contact.psd
  23. 24_constructur-contact-alt.psd

C) Sources and Credits

I’ve used the following images, icons or other files as listed.


  • Poppins (Google Web Font)


  • Icofont


  • Unsplash

Images are not included in download package

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