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Gutencaster - Podcasting Website PSD Templates

Gutencaster – A Podcasting Website Design PSD Web Template

Gutencaster is a stylish, modern and elegant range of homepage and interior page designs for building fully featured podcasting websites.

gutencaster details graphic

Researched thoroughly as to what makes a cool funky fresh Prince of Bel-Air kind of homepage, we paid careful attention to the minutiae like user interactions, usability and accessibility to cater to the needs and wants of a modern podcasting website.

Gutencaster has a bit of everything; from homepage designs that scream high energy to those that err on the side of doom and gloom, as well as bright, vivacious, energetic colour choices that we think really leap off the page and make a spectacular statement.


Concerto in Blue

This demo is where it all started, with an infatuation in primary colours focused on our favourite colour – blue. It has it all focused on the design trend of two thirds. You’ll find a ready-to-roll hero image section that will look great as a scrolling choice of recent blog posts (coming soon in our WordPress version!), Podcast lists with mini players and email marketing CTA areas as well as Subscription options to help you build that all important email list.

Gutencaster blue demo

Blog Archives

The Blog archives pages includes just what you’d expect to see – an archive of Blog posts. We included some nice block quotes, another email call out and CTA marketing section and an easy way to see how Widgets would work with this in a WordPress conversion (ours is coming soon!).

Gutencaster blog post archive

Blog Post Listings

Each homepage design has carefully crafted blog post listings that have been designed to be easily worked into your coding workflow. With chunky call outs, hero images and cheeky CTA subs call outs alongside your latest posts.

Gutencaster orange blog listings


Testimonials are a great way to build reputation and trust online, especially if you can gain a genuine influencers praise! This page is designed to highlight your testimonials with quotation marks, profile images and even links to social proof if you like. Easy to see how a hover effect could show an active state on a particular quote too.

Gutencaster testimonial demo

Connect with Your Audience

Contact Page

Staying faithful to two-thirds design rules we constructed this beautiful contact page to be lightweight but with enough design reference to make you want to use it, instead of the boring web-form alternative you’ll usually on these pages.

Gutencaster contact page demo

Podcast Thumbnails

Here you can display a scrolling or rotating list (with code of course) to display a listing of thumbnails of recent/popular/most shared etc podcasts. We’ve include a player underneath for that sticky marketing experience.

Gutencaster podcast listing

Instant Player

Give your listeners direct access on your homepage with full listings and preview snippets of your podcasts – huzzah!

Gutencaster instant player

Hues of Australiana

Inspired by Australian Flora and Fauna

With a chunk of Aussie inspiration thrown into this spectrum of visual, you will find hues of reds reminiscent of central Australia mixed to perfection with green tones that create a sense of lightness and fun. A strong choice for a health and wellness podcast, or a yoga come meditation practise.

Gutencaster red demo

High Energy Design

Youthfulness in Design That Demands Attention

The inspiration for this design aesthetic came from a love for everything energetic in life, dance, rave culture, energy drinks and a zest for life. This design is set to WOKE. Or is that LIT? We can never be too sure these days. But you have to agree – it POPS! :D

Gutencaster high energy demo

The Power of Yellow

Yellow is such a powerful, beautiful colour filled with intimate thoughts of sunshine, summer vibes and good times. Make it shine with this choice of homepage design.

Gutencaster yellow homepage

This energetic pink and blue demo is our personal favourite! Customise to your hearts content, fill out your footer and hit publish, baby!

Gutencaster demo

Feel the Darkness

Set the tone to dark. It’s not all puppy dogs tails and giggles you know. Some designs need a certain darkness to convey the seriousness of tough, moody brooding topics. This homepage is for you.

Gutencaster homepage dark design

SVGs are all the Rage

Flat humans, SVG icons, illustrations are bang on trend these days, so here’s a homepage to cater for those desires with dramatic colour choices to emphasise the design.

gutencaster flat design

Marketing is Everything

Build your email list, it’s one of the most important ways you can grow traffic, build your subscriber base and reach your clients, customers, fans. Make it easy to sign up with a clever integrated marketing block that makes it easy to sign up for your subscriber email updates.

marketing call to action

Template Features

  • Multiple Homepage Designs
  • Stunning colour variations
  • Pixel Dimensions: 1920×8780px
  • Clean, modern design with meticulous attention to the minutae
  • Simple Podcaster Integration
  • Email Subscription
  • Podcast Directory
  • Podcast Thumbnails and Previews
  • Blog Archive Pages
  • Testimonials
  • Accordion style FAQ Section/li>
  • Simple, Stylish Contact Page
  • Flexible PSD Files
  • Responsive Designs Included as PSD
  • Based on Bootstrap 4 Grid
  • Marketing CTA
  • Well structured, clearly labelled layers
  • Easy to modify
  • More pages coming in future releases
  • HTML and WordPress versions coming soon!
  • Free Updates for all licensed buyers.

PSD Files Included

  • Home Pages
    • 01.Gutencaster-Homepage-Listings.psd
    • 02.Gutencaster-Homepage-Newsfeed.psd
    • 03.Gutencaster-Homepage-Red-hues.psd
    • 04.Gutencaster-Homepage-Blue-hues.psd
    • 05.Gutencaster-Homepage-Yellow-hues.psd
    • 06.Gutencaster-Homepage-Brown-hues.psd
    • 07.Gutencaster-Homepage-Darkness.psd
  • Blog Page
    • 01.Gutencaster-Blog-1920px.psd
  • Contact Page
    • 01.Gutencaster-Contact-1920px.psd
  • Podcast Page
    • 01.Gutencaster-Podcast-1920px.psd
  • Testimonials
    • 01.Gutencaster-Testimonials-1920px.psd

Sources & Credits


We sourced free stock images from unsplash, which is free to use without attribution, although it is always nice to tip your hat their way, share the love, you know.

The PSD files are carefully constructed with simple placeholders that are size referenced for quick and easy drop in replacements.


Google Fonts is King! Mainly because they are free to use, and easy to install, update etc. You can install them locally on your own machine, or you can embed them or even just link to a stylesheet using CSS and you have full access to everything we have used to design this fabulous template for you.

The fonts we have used throughout this design are:

  • Lato – Google Fonts
  • Open Sans – Google Fonts

Coming Soon!

If you like what you see, make sure you smash that Follow button on our profile as we will be hard at work bringing you the HTML and WordPress versions of this delicious template as soon as possible. Exciting things ahead for WP Envision.


Version 1.0 
    - Initial Release

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