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Woox - Non-Standard and Creative PSD Template for Digital Agency and ICO and Cryptocurrency Market

I present to you the concept of my new PSD template. Woox is non-standard and creative idea for your projects. The expressive and bright template will highlight your project among others.

This template includes 70+ carefully designed pages in Adobe Photoshop CC, which are easy to edit and customize to fit your needs. The template is perfect solutions for the creation of unique web projects.

Some Advantages of the Project:

  • 71 carefully designed pages in Adobe Photoshop CC, which are easy to edit and customize to fit your needs.
  • Only free Icons are used from Flaticon.
  • Only free Google Fonts are used.
  • The graphics of balls, network waves are included in the psd files (not vector).
  • Woox you can buy only on Envato Market or download on Envato Elements.

Google Fonts are Used:

Before as you start edit the template be sure to install the font.

  • Comfortaa

Graphics are Used:

  • All icons from Flaticon
  • All Photos of Models from Envato Elements
  • Irregular Balls with Sprayed Shadow Backgrounds. (Included in the psd files).
  • Abstract Digital Network Flow of Waves Backgrounds. (Included in the psd files).

Woox – Creative Digital Agency PSD Template. (42 PSD Files):

The first concept created for the creative digital agency. The clean PSD template with the creative design elements. Woox is a good choice which will suit for your design studio or digital agency. You can find creativity, convenience to use and non-standard solutions in web-design.

  • 001_home.psd
  • 002_agency.psd
  • 003_team.psd
  • 004_member_details.psd
  • 005_services.psd
  • 006_testimonials.psd
  • 007_portfolio_irregular_masonry.psd
  • 008_portfolio_masonry.psd
  • 009_portfolio_two_columns.psd
  • 010_case_details_standard.psd
  • 011_case_details_slider.psd
  • 012_case_details_builder.psd
  • 013_lightbox-gallery.psd
  • 014_blog_masonry.psd
  • 015_blog_sidebar.psd
  • 016_blog_wide.psd
  • 017_single_post_right_sidebar.psd
  • 018_single_post_left_sidebar.psd
  • 019_single_post_sidebar_below_title.psd
  • 020_single_post_wide.psd
  • 021_contacts.psd
  • 022_fullscreen_contacts.psd
  • 023_page_not_found.psd
  • 024_wide_sliding_side_menu.psd
  • 025_opacity-sliding-side-menu.psd
  • 026_fullscreen_hamburger_menu.psd
  • 027_pricing_tables.psd
  • 028_forms.psd
  • 029_quotes.psd
  • 030_tables.psd
  • 031_tabs.psd
  • 032_testimonial_styles.psd
  • 033_benefits.psd
  • 034_progress_bars.psd
  • 035_alerts_message.psd
  • 036_button_styles.psd
  • 037_accordion_toggle.psd
  • 038_typography.psd
  • 039_headings.psd
  • 040_link_styles.psd
  • 041_dividers.psd
  • 042_colors.psd

Woox – ICO and Cryptocurrency Market PSD Template. (29 PSD Files):

The second concept for so popular crypto movement. The dark version of the psd template for ICO and cryptocurrency market. You can find the statistic of the top-5 crypto-coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Ripple. The coin market, the converter of the crypto-currencies, the experts and traders, the events and so much more you can find in this template.

  • 001_home.psd
  • 002_cryptocurrencies.psd
  • 003_experts.psd
  • 004_experts_details.psd
  • 005_coin_market.psd
  • 006_events.psd
  • 007_event_details.psd
  • 008_event_register.psd
  • 009_news.psd
  • 010_news_details.psd
  • 011_contacts.psd
  • 012_page_not_found.psd
  • 013_pricing_tables.psd
  • 014_forms.psd
  • 015_quotes.psd
  • 016_testimonial_styles.psd
  • 017_tabs.psd
  • 018_tables.psd
  • 019_expert_hover_effects.psd
  • 020_menu_styles.psd
  • 021_benefits.psd
  • 022_accordion_toggle.psd
  • 023_alerts_message.psd
  • 024_progress_bars.psd
  • 025_button_styles.psd
  • 026_counters_and_timers.psd
  • 027_headings.psd
  • 028_typography.psd
  • 029_colors.psd

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