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Enbor - Job Board PSD Template

Jobmaster – Job Board PSD template is crafted with thorough understanding of the business to connect employers and candidates. It is suitable for you to show professional job board websites that require high advanced features to powerful functions and useful services for users. Easy to use and customize, friendly with users, seekers. Visitors are really impressive by eye-catching colors and great layouts at the first time. Employers and Candidates feel easy and convenient to sign up, login to find jobs, post jobs, job details, manage their profiles, blogs, resume, applications from Dashboard.

This template includes 65 carefully designed pages in Adobe Photoshop CC, which are easy to edit and customize to fit your needs. Template is perfect solutions for the create of unique web projects.Also, only the homepage mobile version is included in the package

These layered PSD files are compatible with Adobe CS5 and later.


  • 65 Layered PSD files.
  • Based on 1170px Grid System.
  • Full width: 1920px.
  • Blog Layout Options
  • Free Google Fonts
  • Free Font Based Icons
  • SVG icons
  • Super Clear and Clean Layout
  • Free Updates
  • Pixel Perfect
  • And many more…

List of Pages

  • 01-Home.psd
  • 02-Home.psd
  • 03-Home.psd
  • 04-Home.psd
  • 05-Jobs grid view.psd
  • 06-Jobs grid sidebar.psd
  • 07-Jobs list sidebar.psd
  • 08-Jobs full width.psd
  • 09-Jobs with map.psd
  • 10-Jobs Detail.psd
  • 11-Jobs Detail V2.psd
  • 12-Jobs Detail V3.psd
  • 13-Jobs Detail V3-tab2.psd
  • 14-Jobs Detail V3-tab3.psd
  • 15-Employer Simple.psd
  • 16-Employer List.psd
  • 17-Employer Alphabatic Listing.psd
  • 18-Employer detail V1.psd
  • 19-Employer detail V2.psd
  • 20-Employer detail V3.psd
  • 21-Employer Detail V4.psd
  • 22-Employer Detail V5.psd
  • 23-Employer Detail V6.psd
  • 24-Employer Dashboard.psd
  • 25-Company profile.psd
  • 26-Manage Jobs.psd
  • 27-Transactions.psd
  • 28-Resumes.psd
  • 29-Packages.psd
  • 30-Post Jobs.psd
  • 31-Candidate V1.psd
  • 32-Candidate V2.psd
  • 33-Candidate V3.psd
  • 34-Candidate detail V1.psd
  • 35-Candidate detail V2.psd
  • 36-Candidate detail V3.psd
  • 37-Candidate Dashboard.psd
  • 38-Candidate Applied jobs.psd
  • 39-Candidate Follow Companies.psd
  • 40-Candidate Saved Jobs.psd
  • 41-Candidate Alerts.psd
  • 42-Candidate Review.psd
  • 43-Candidate CV.psd
  • 44-Candidate Change pass.psd
  • 45-Candidate edit profile.psd
  • 46-Blog large.psd
  • 47-Blog no-sidebar.psd
  • 48-Blog medium.psd
  • 49-Blog grid sidebar.psd
  • 50-Blog detail V1.psd
  • 51-Blog detail V2.psd
  • 52-Contact V1.psd
  • 53-Contact V2.psd
  • 54-About V1.psd
  • 55-About V2.psd
  • 56-FAQs.psd
  • 57-FAQs V2.psd
  • 58-Term And Conditions.psd
  • 59-Packages.psd
  • 60-How it works.psd
  • 61-error 404.psd
  • 62-Login.psd
  • 63-Sign up.psd
  • 64-Hover.psd
  • 65-Header.psd
  • Font used in psd template: Poppin

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