BOSE News App Designs in Photoshop


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BOSE News App Designs in Photoshop

BOSE News App Designs in Photoshop. Premium App for News, Magazines & Publishers with all possible screens. These designs are on Day/Night Color modes, so it’s easy to read for end users all the time.

It’s easy to edit, whoever have basic knowledge of Photoshop can easily edit.

Bose - News Publishing App Template in HTML 5 & Framework 7 - 1

News App Design System in Sketch - 1

BOSE News App Designs in Photoshop - 1


  • 70 Screen Designs (35 White and 35 Black)
  • Premium Designs based on App Standards
  • 2X Content Strategy
  • 8-Pt Grid System
  • Related Custom Vector Icons
  • Voice Search Design
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Fully Vector
  • Super Easy to Edit
  • Managed Layers
  • Google Fonts
  • Black & White Templates
  • iPhone 11 Pro Size Designs
  • Advertisement Spaces

How to Edit:

In the Photoshop Files folder you will find 2 PSD Files – (Black & White) that includes 35 Art-board files in each folder. Total 75 Art-boards are provided. All Designs fits well on iPhone X size and fully managed in layers & layer folders.


  1. For You
  2. Timeline
  3. Homepage
  4. Loading
  5. Guide
  6. Select Interest
  7. Walkthrough 1
  8. Walkthrough 2
  9. Walkthrough 3
  10. Sign Up Blank
  11. Sign Up Filled
  12. Forgot Password
  13. Log In Filled
  14. Log In Blank
  15. Splash Page
  16. Write An Article
  17. Write Comment
  18. Contact Us
  19. Slideshow
  20. About Us page
  21. Channel Page
  22. Author Page
  23. Search Mic
  24. Profile Edit
  25. Profile Page
  26. Pages
  27. Categories #1
  28. Categories #2
  29. Detail Page Video
  30. Detail Page Image
  31. List Page List View
  32. List Page Thumb View
  33. Search Result
  34. Search #1
  35. Search #2

Source Files Includes:

  • Two PSD Files

(Includes all designs with 35 white screens and 35 black screens)

Used Fonts:

  1. Roboto Slab –
  2. Roboto –

Images & Graphics:

  1. Elements Envato –
  2. Unsplash –
  3. Pixabay –

Note: All the images are display only, not included in the main download package. All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and NOT included in the final purchase files.

Thanks for showing interest in our BOSE News App Designs in Photoshop. Should you have any additional questions, doubts or need support, please contact us via our envanto profile. Also feel free to suggest new pages that You think we need to add in our next release.

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